Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Minnesota State Fair - Part 4- The People

We found tons of people at the Minnesota State Fair.

We love to get above the fair and look around. It's a fun ride except when it stops in midair. It doesn't help that I'm not fond of heights.

I loved this sign: NOT as seen on TV.

We met some pitchmen. They are always fun to watch. I miss Billy Mays.

The Shamm-Wow guy was there.

And then there was the fudge guy.

We ran into an old friend, Jeff Loven. He's amazing and do you know he turned down the opportunity to audition for Guns n' Roses? True story.

He played at our daughter's wedding.

We saw people flying through the air.

And on a float in a parade.

We saw a flamingo bike.

And a rooster bike. Sister 3 collects roosters and I bet she would have loved to add this to her collection.

I waited in line to get my picture taken with my favorite news anchors from WCCO television. This is Mike Max, a sports reporter.

This is Amelia Santaniello, half of the husband and wife anchor on WCCO. She and hubby, Frank, arrived late due to the record traffic so she wasn't able to be at the photo op.

But as luck would have it, the camera broke when it was my turn and as Mike Max and I were waiting for it to be repaired, Frank popped in. Mike asked me if I knew Frank Vascellaro and I was shocked to turn and there he was!!
We got to talk a long time and then he saw that Sister 2 was taking pictures so he called her over.

We took the picture in true Korean style. They were such good sports. I left and I don't know if they ever did get the camera working but it sure worked out for me.

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