Thursday, September 30, 2010

What I Love and Hate about Fall

I love my red maple. The leaves turn a beautiful shade of red. My favorite tree is a sugar maple
and when we built our house we planted two and they both died. There must be something wrong with our soil because our neighbors down the street have two beautiful sugar maples in their front yard.

I love my hydrangea bush and the beautiful colors it turns in the fall. I love that I don't have to mow every few days when Rocketman is out of town. I love watching the squirrels working busily gathering up nuts for the long Minnesota winter. I don't like that they sometimes choose my deck railing to crack open the nuts. I love the crisp feel of the fall air as I go on my daily walks. I love the leaves as they rain down on me as I walk.
But I hate the box elder bugs. Our house faces north so the southern sides gets invaded by tons of these little buggers. They even manage to find a way into the house especially the basement. I have a shop vac ready to suck them up.
But the ones that get into the upstairs have Louie to contend with. He loves to play with them and then eat them. I don't watch because at that moment I do feel bad for the box elder bug.

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