Sunday, December 5, 2010

Houston, We Have a Problem

Or should I say, Rocketman, we have a problem. I am been freezing all week and wondering what was going on with me. I kept raising the temperature on the thermostat and yet I was still frozen.
We have an indoor/outdoor thermometer that needed a new battery so finally on Friday I dug out some triple A's and put them into the thermometer. I was shocked to see the reading and how off our thermostat was. I had been keeping the thermostat at 70 which had the indoor temperature at 61 to 62. No wonder I was freezing.
I talked to Rocketman and he felt we should have someone come out and look at the furnace. We have gone through multiple thermostats and it could be that but he felt that with a 20 year old furnace, it would be a good idea to rule the furnace out.
It was Friday night by now and I called our furnace guy and they will be out on Monday. I didn't want to pay for an emergency call and I can now use my thermometer to monitor the actual temperature. I'm a little scared of it being the furnace and hearing the cost of new furnace/air conditioning units at $10,000.
Then I woke up this morning and powered up the computer to find that it will not power up. After the initial shock and trying many times to power it up, I noticed that the keyboard wasn't lighting up. It may be just the keyboard or something more serious. Luckily, I have this backup laptop computer but it doesn't have my old emails. I owe some answers and don't have the emails addresses to use on this computer. So I'm kinda in the weeds until I figure it out.
Rocketman just happened to order a new computer last week (maybe the old one knew that) and it will be here tomorrow. My plan is to use that keyboard and see if I can reboot my old computer. If not, I may have to wait for Rocketman or place a service call with someone. I'm really at a loss.
Hopefully, this will be the end of the bad luck for awhile.

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