Monday, December 20, 2010

Maedeup Monday!

Nothing is better than a maedeup Christmas tree. I bought a small fully decorated with lights Christmas tree while living in South Korea. It stood under two feet. I then decorated it with projects from my maedeup class.
Rocketman made it safely back from Asia. He has a lot to do now for the next couple of weeks. It's good that he on "vacation." The new computer needs to be put together and everything on the old one needs to be transferred to the new one. The new furnace is working well with a couple of hitches. The humidifier doesn't seem to be working.

It has also been verbally approved for us to relocate back to South Korea. Rocketman has a huge project that will keep him in Asia for 2011. Now they are working on the specifics but that officially start date is 1-1-11. We won't be there by then. Rocketman thinks it will be February while I'm thinking it will be midJanuary. We are lucky that we will have family members staying in our house while we are gone including our deputy sheriff son.
Exciting times are coming!


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