Saturday, January 15, 2011

FaveCrafts Blog Hop!

It's time for another FaveCrafts Blog Hop. This time I'm sharing a cute bead pen.

Polar Bear Bead Pen

By Becky Meverden

Tips: Make sure that the polar bear and beads fit on the barrel of the bead pen before you bake everything.

Kato Polyclay: White, black, green, red and turquoise (
Blue medium barrel bead pen (www.namebeads)
2 2mm smoke black micro marbles (
White paint
Wooden skewer
Round toothpick
Cotton swab
Paper towel
Circle template, optional


1. Christmas Wreath: Roll a 7/16” green ball into a 1 ¾” long log. Press the ends together and use your fingers to smooth out the seam. Use a toothpick to texture.

2. Berries: Roll nine 1/16” red balls. Press randomly all over wreath.

3. Bow: Flatten two 3/32” red balls into triangles. Press together over the seam of the wreath. Use a toothpick to indent the center of each triangle. Roll a 1/8” red ball and press into the center of the bow. Indent the center and set aside.

4. Beads: Roll two 9/16” turquoise balls. Press each ball onto a wooden skewer.

5. Crinkle a piece of paper toweling and place onto the baking surface. Set the beads onto the toweling. This will prevent flat spots on your beads.

6. Bake the beads and the wreath according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Let cool. While still on the skewer, use the blunt end of a paintbrush to paint white dots randomly all over each bead. Set in a cup or glass to dry. When dry, remove from skewer and set aside.

7. Polar Bear Body: Roll a 11/16” white ball into a cone.

8. Legs: Roll two ½” white balls into tapered logs. Press the widest end of each log against a flat surface to flatten. Press onto both sides of the body.

9. Arms: Roll two 9/16” white balls into tapered logs and press onto both sides of the body.

10. Tail: Flatten slightly a 3/32” white ball into a teardrop and press into the lower back of the body.

11. Press the body onto a wooden skewer.

12. Head: Roll a 9/16” white ball into a rounded triangle and flatten slightly. Eyes: Press two micro marbles into the head. Use a toothpick to indent two squint lines by each eye. Snout: Flatten a 3/32” white ball into oval and press onto the head. Nose: Roll a 3/32” black ball and press onto the snout.

13. Ears: Roll two 3/16” white balls into 3/8” long logs. Fold in half and press onto each side of the head.

14. Use cotton swap to blush cheeks.

15. Press head onto the skewer on top of the body. The total length should be around 1 3/8”.

16. Bake on the crinkled paper towel according to manufacturer’s instructions and let cool. Remove from the skewer.

17. Screw the metal barrel onto the pen part of the bead pen. Thread the two beads and the polar bear onto the bead pen. Finish by screwing on the top of the bead pen.

18. If you have trouble removing the beads and polar bear from the skewer, just warm them up in the oven for a minute or so and they will be easier to remove.

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  1. Really cute Becky. I read the title too fast and thought it said "bread" pen. I've got bread on the brain I guess today! Very nice blog.


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