Friday, January 7, 2011

Pile of Socks

This is what I'm working on at the moment, socks. Lots of socks. I have about four different pairs going all at once. I'm having trouble making the heel and have been getting alot of help from my knitting instructor. I'll come in on Wednesday either with a problem or a sock that I have ripped apart and can't get going. She patiently picks up my stitches and helps me to continue.

I think I finally got it but I'll let you know after I have a few more socks done. I do love the colors of the sock yarns. I am using Opal Sports for the yarn. I have a thought that I would make socks for the family for Christmas but we will see how busy I get this year.

The verbal approvals have been made for our move back to South Korea and now we are waiting on the formal approvals through the company's computer system. Rocketman is getting very impatient with it all and I don't blame him. There is a lot of pressure for him to get back to Asia and he is putting it off knowing this move could be approved any minute.

I should be deciding on what I want to take to South Korea but instead I'm busy knitting.


  1. So are his eyes ok to go over there and stay???

  2. His eyes are fine technically and so there is no problem with us moving.

  3. Those are some great looking socks!

    There is tonnes of yarn here at the wholesalers in Dongdaemun BUT Koreans aren't into knitting socks, so sock yarn is hard to find and expensive when you do find it. Just a tip....bring some of your favourite sock yarn and your double pointed needles. You can find them, but they're not as common as the long circulars.

  4. Oooo Sarah! Thanks for the tip. I'm off to order some more sock yarn!

  5. Yes and hopefully the same place, Royal Palace. I talked to one of my girlfriends and she called and they have apartments available.


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