Sunday, January 30, 2011

The First Couple Days in South Korea

The day we moved to South Korea started out quite early. We had soooo much heavy luggage. We had five checked bags and two carry-on bags plus we each had a computer. Somehow it all fit in my sister's car and we made it to the gate with plenty of time left over. We had to be at the airport by 7am to make our flight at 8am to Detroit. The flight was about 90 minutes and we had an hour layover.

Rocketman was able to upgrade us to business class and as you can see by the photo above, the leg room is unbelievable! We were surprised how empty business class was with many seats unoccupied.

They feed you way too much food in business class. Dinner started out with warm mixed nuts.

Followed by this. I did eat some of the pumpkin soup which was delicious and that was about it.

Next came the salad with ranch dressing.

For my main dish, I choose the beef tenderloin and shrimp scampi.

For dessert, I chose cheesecake. I was so full. The came around later in the flight with a snack tray with raw fish and other things like that. Rocketman got the tray but I passed. I was so full from dinner.
I tried to sleep on the flight but I think I was too wound up to be able to. We got through immigration and customs fine and were greeted by Daniel from the relocation agency. We hadn't seen him since we moved to Korea the first time. It was great to catch up with him. Jeff and Jennifer, our friends, were supposed to meet us by something urgent came up and they were called away.
We got to the Dormy in Suwon and we're happy to finally be here.

The next day we met Jeff and Jennifer to go to the apartment we had lived. The owner was living in the apartment but was willing to move out for us. The apartment was just like we left it except it had their furniture. We really wanted to stay there again and Jeff negotiated everything from utilities to internet access. It will probably take the owners a month to find a new place but as soon as they move out, we will move in. We also need to go shopping for furniture when we have a move in date.

For lunch, we went to the Nolboo where we went every Sunday when we lived in Suwon. The manager recognized us and was so excited to see us. She made us this special salad as a welcome gift.

We also had budae jjigae, my favorite. Afterwards, we walked to my old yoga place to check it out and on the way, I ran into Mrs. Choi who grabbed me and took me to yoga. There are many new people and only very few from when I went. I am going to start going again after the Lunar New Year. Even all my teachers were gone and working at other locations.
I haven't been feeling well since we moved. I'm exhausted and have little energy. I'm surprised because I've never had jet lag going West, only going East. It's lasted a few days now and I hope it ends soon. I have a lot more to tell but I need to rest again. I am so happy to be here!

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