Thursday, January 13, 2011

Knitting Fool

I've been knitting and procrastinating on just about everything else in my life. I should be doing more with regards to the move. We had a Comcast remote die and it's been sitting here by the computer all week and I just haven't felt like calling Comcast. I should be making a list of the things I want to take to Korea and a shopping list of what I need to buy. I should do laundry more than once a week and the same with the ironing. Should of, would of, could of.
But all I seem to want to do is knit. I finished this blanket for our new grandchild. We find out on Friday if it's a boy or a girl. It is also the mommy of the new baby's birthday. How could our baby girl be turning 26!
I'm also fighting a virus that has kept my stomach upset most of the week and hot flashes have reappeared in my life. Thank goodness it's winter. It's snowed every day for the last 10 and it's snowing today again.
Still waiting on that final signature and it's driving Rocketman mad. I have an interesting story about Rocketman. Since we've been back from Korea, I've tried to find our safety deposit box keys to no avail. I had some car titles from the cars that I wanted to put into it. I called the bank last month to schedule having the keys redrilled. I tried three separate times and they always vowed they would call me back. Finally I had Rocketman take over and they listened to him right away and he met the drill guy at the bank yesterday.
Come to find out, we had closed the safety deposit box right before we left for Korea. Rocketman felt like a fool and so did I. Why didn't they check that when I called all those times. Luckily, the gal had some work for him or I think we may have had to pay the $150.00. I swear my brain just isn't working like it used to.


  1. The knitted blanket for your grandchild looks great!

    I agree with Sarah's comment on the last post--don't waste your precious shipment space on too many crafting supplies, since they are so abundant and inexpensive here.

    I used to read all about your maedup studies when you were living in Korea a few years ago, so it's really nice to hear you'll be coming back again. Looking forward to whatever you get up to this time!

  2. Gorgeous blanket! Knitting is very addictive! It's the repetitive motions or something (depending on what you're working on). Glad you're getting back into it.


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