Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Night of Korean Goodness!

 Rocketman and I were invited to the Korean Heritage House for dinner Friday night.  I was thrilled to go not only to get a night off of cooking but to enjoy some Korean cooking.  I couldn't wait to get there!  Don't you love the decorations?
There was cooking going on all over the place and I took special care to pay attention to what they were doing.  I enjoyed it so much.
           Then they needed someone to make mandu and next thing I know, I was making mandu.
                               This is Brooke checking on the rice in the rice cooker.
                                                                   Busy, busy me.
I wish Rocketman had taken some video of the chopping going on.  It was amazing watching them julienne the carrots along with the other vegetables. They were precise and quick.  I'm not sure a professional chef could have done a better job.
                                                    The food all ready for us to eat!
My plate.  I didn't realize how much rice I was given until I mixed everything up.  It was a ton of food.  We sat by the preparers of most of the food and heard shared some wonderful stories.  We really felt like we were back in Korea.  It was such a wonderful time.


  1. Becky, how r u?
    Such a lovely post and photos...
    Warm regards!

  2. Becky, how r u?

    Such a wonderful post....beautiful mix of colrs and the moments u captured!

    Merry Christmas in advance!

  3. Hi Sarah!

    Are you in Korea? We miss it very much!


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