Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sparkly Words Christmas Ornament Project!

Sparkly Words Christmas Ornament
by Becky Meverden Copyright 2012
Elmer's Glue
Lame or ribbon for hanging
Small bowl and plastic wrap
Wax paper
1.  Choose the word you want to make.  You can make anything.
2.  I wrote the word in my cursive handwriting style.  You will notice that doing a word like "Hope," I write the "H," lift my pen and write the rest of the word.  This means that I cut the pieces for the "H" first.  Decide how large you want the word and cut the three pieces of twine for the "H."  If you use a word like "Love," you won't need this step.
3.  Using the twine, write out the rest or entire word.  Use your fingers to mark the end of the word and and add an extra inch or two and cut.
4.  Take a small bowl and cover with two layers of plastic wrap so that when you are finished you just remove the wrap and throw it away.
5.  Fill the bowl with some glue.
6.  Take the twine for the first letter (if doing a word like "Hope") and place into glue.  Make sure it is thoroughly covered and soaked.  Remove each piece and use your fingers to remove excess glue and position on a piece of wax paper in the shape of the letter needed.  It's messy so don't worry.
7.  Place the rest of the word (or the whole word if you are doing a word like "Love") into the glue and shape into the rest of the word making.
8.  Sprinkle glitter all over letters and let  dry.
9.  Carefully peal from the wax paper.  Reglue any areas that how come apart.  String with lame or ribbon and it's ready for the tree.

This is what happened over the weekend.  We went from no snow to 14 inches!  Thankfully Rocketman is home and not traveling right now and the snow blower worked. 

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