Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cookie Cutter Ornament Project!

Cookie Cutter Ornament Project
by Becky Meverden  Copyright 2012 
Christmas tree cookie cutter
Fabric scrap
Rick rack
Buttons (I switched out the rhinestones at the last minute
Thin lined marker
Cording or string
1. Place a line of glue around the back perimeter of the cookie cutter and place onto fabric.  Let dry.
2.  Cut excess fabric around entire cookie cutter.  Don't worry if fabric pulls away from the cutter, you can reapply the glue when you are finished.
 3.  Place a line of glue around the entire side of the cookie cutter.  Follow with the rick rack, starting at the bottom of the cutter.  Cut off excess.
 4.  Glue buttons on each side.
5.  Press the top fabric out to allow a hole for the cording. 
6.  String with cording.

1 comment:

  1. Saw this on Favecrafts and it is sew cute! Have seen a lot of versions of this but I love the addition of rickrack and buttons. I take it you like cookie cutters? I have done a whole series on using cookie cutters as craft items. Stop by and take a look!


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