Monday, April 12, 2010

Maedeup Monday!

Before I left Korea, I did want to learn how to make my own cording. The maedeup pieces made with handmade cording are so beautiful. I would have had to buy one of these wooden contraptions whose name I have forgotten at a cost of about 350,000 won ($320 US).
There was usually always a student making cording when I would take my maedeup classes. It was fascinating to watch her hands as she moved the spools in a specific pattern. It took a long time to make the cording. I should have video taped the process.
It is still something I may learn in the future but at the time I had my hands full with just the knots.


  1. That's cool! It makes me think of bobbin lace, all in a strand.

  2. That looks similar to the marudai used to make kumihimo cording. I wonder...


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