Friday, April 30, 2010

South Korea - Part 2

Sunday was our first day full day in Suwon and we took advantage of the meal I missed the most in South Korea, NolBol's budae jjigae. I don't know what they put in their stock but I've tried to duplicate it here in the States and just can't get it quite right. This is what it looks like as it's heating up.

There's Rocketman, ready to eat!

We also met Hannah for a few hours at a coffee shop in Seoul. I'm always amazed at the ability of Koreans to fall asleep basically anywhere. I took this picture in the coffee shop. I wish I could do that. I can't even sleep on airplanes even if the flight is 13 hours. I do rest but I never fall asleep. Thank goodness for my IPod.

Here's me with Hannah. It was so good to see her.

This was in the bathroom of our room at the Dormy. They must have some pretty amazing toilet paper. Don't tell, but I didn't follow the warning.

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  1. Enjoying your SK trip update. More to come?


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