Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Shopping with my sister always involves lunch because frankly, who wants to shop on an empty stomach. She had heard about this new burger place called Smash Burgers. I must admit the name had me intrigued to say the least.

I got a cheeseburger and it was delicious!

We also shared some onion strings. I don't like onions on my burgers except for White Castles but I love onion strings.

Then the shopping began with a huge shoe sale at Macy's. They sure know how to get you! You had to buy three pairs of shoes to get the 30% discount. I wasn't really looking for shoes but when I saw these, I just had to have them. My sister took care of buying herself two pair so we qualified for the 30% discount.

I'm not sure what Rocketman will think but probably that I've lost my mind. We had to wait forever to even get waited on since they only had two sales clerks manning all the customers including checking out. I have a feeling these are going with me to Korea. Everyone there always sees me in tennis shoes and this will be quite a shock.

Then I heard about this Taiwanese kid who sung Whitney Houston's "I'll Always Love You" during a television show contest. It's amazing!

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