Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rain - Bi

Our visit to South Korea coincided with Rain's new CD release. We heard it everywhere we went and you know what a big KPop fan I am and I'm also a big fan of Rain. They put a lot of thought into their CDs in South Korea since everyone downloads songs illegally. Rain's new CD is twice the length of a normal CD and opens to him showing off those glorious abs of his along with a booklet. I also got a free poster for buying the CD.

Today has been a bad day of jet lag. Rocketman always says the third is the worst. Here's the video for Love Song from Rain's new CD. It's interesting to note that this video was banned from being aired on Korean television due Rain running down the middle of the street. That is apparently against the law in South Korea. I found it odd because I've seen the same thing on Korean dramas. The male lead is running after the bus as it drives away.

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