Friday, April 16, 2010

Packing and Presents

It's been almost exactly a year since we left South Korea and moved back to the States. I knew at the time that Korea would always be home to me and a place that touched my soul. I need to go back and see my Korean friends and eat Korean food and shop!

But I had to buy A LOT of presents. It's a cultural thing and I'm very respectful of it. It was a good thing I compiled a list but finding just the right thing for the right person took me some time.

Then the list grew and grew. We are taking three huge suitcases and carryons. Rocketman is worried about how this will fit into a Korean taxi but I figure we will worry about that when we get there. Every taxi we've taken ran on propane so the gas tank was in the trunk. How rude! We actually had more luggage when we moved to Korea so I'm not too worried.

I also had to buy for some Korean men and I wasn't sure what kind of liquor to get since I'm kinda just an occasional wine cooler type of girl. I know what Jim Beam is and I hadn't seen it at my Korean Home Plus so I hope they like it.

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