Tuesday, April 27, 2010

South Korea - Part 1

We flew out of MSP at about 11 am so it was nice to not have to get up at the crack of dawn to start this journey halfway around the world. Louie seemed to want to tag along. Much to Rocketman's dismay, we had three huge suitcases, two carry-on bags and his computer bag. I reminded Rocketman that we are allowed 3 checked pieces each but he was already worrying how this would all fit into a standard Korean taxi. Me, I worry about it after we are able to flag a taxi in Korea.

Rocketman has many frequent flier miles but to upgrade to Business Class pretty much wiped them out but it was so worth it. We were in a 747 and the first row on the second floor. We also had two bathrooms available to us. Rocketman is checking out the menu for the flight. The flight was 11 hours to Japan.

Some of the extra storage space we had.

We had two storage containers which held a lot. It was great to not have to worry about overhead compartment space.

The flight attendant saw me taking pictures and offered to take one of us.

We were really shocked to see the cockpit door open preflight. Since 9-11, the door has always been shut. So I had Rocketman take a quick picture.

First course, appetizer.

Rocketman chose the Japanese menu.

Second course, salad. It came with a delicious peppercorn dressing.

Main course and it was some kind of beef. Very tender and not too bad.

Dessert was ice cream with chocolate sauce.

The breakfast which was served about 1 1/2 hours before landing. I didn't eat much because I was still full from the dinner courses.

While waiting for our luggage at Incheon, I saw this adorable carry on piece. The couple had a little girl. The mother was Korean and the father was Japanese. The little girl only spoke Japanese but the parents both spoke English, Korean and Japanese. They were flying to Korea for a visit with her family before a permanent move to New York.

Dunkin Donuts had a new donut.
Old familiar sights in Suwon. We flew to Japan , had a couple hour layover and then caught a flight to Incheon. We arrived too late for the Suwon bus so we stayed in a local motel. I've had too many nightmares with the airport taxi drivers and wasn't in the mood to get ripped off.
The next morning we caught the bus to Suwon and surprisingly to Rocketman, the Suwon taxi DID manage to get all of our luggage into his cab. We stayed at the Dormy near Suwon Station since it was convenient to catching buses and also only a one mile walk to my chilbo class. The Dormy is also where we stayed for five weeks when we first moved to South Korea.
We had only been away for a year but it seemed like home to me the moment we stepped off the plane. More adventures to come. I'm battling some jet lag and hopefully it won't be too bad.

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  1. Garlic donuts! Huh!

    The Japanese meal is so pretty! I wonder what the coach option looked like.


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