Thursday, May 13, 2010

California Dreaming

Last weekend, we jetted off the LA to see our good friend, Holly. Holly's puppy, Miss Mabel, loves my Rocketman. The weather was perfect, 70's and sunny. The food was fantastic with Holly taking us to all sorts of great restaurants.

Holly also took me to a witchy store. I love the hours: 12ish -. It was the coolest place and one of the clerks was dressed as I would imagine a modern day witch to dress. Poofy long hair with lots of black eye liner and red eye shadow wearing a long black dress. The other clerk was dressed in casual wear.

She was the one to get into an altercation with a customer who questioned her Wicca beliefs on some specific points. She yelled at the guy to get out of her store. Then she was still so upset that she sat down while she expelled the bad energy. At least that's what she told me. It was quite a show for this gal from the Midwest.

I felt bad for her so I started to talk to her and when I told her we were from Minnesota, she jumped up wanting to show me something. She got out a small black cauldron, placed a flat charcoal briquette into it and used a match to light it. Then she got out four different kinds of frankincense and placed each one on the heated charcoal to let us smell the smoke. Then she got out some myrrh for us to smell. She said it was the same stuff used back in biblical days. I had no idea that you could find it. By then I was getting a little light headed from all the smoke I was inhaling.

Also while we were there this blonde woman walked in wearing pink and little else. Holly told me she was famous but I had never seen her before. Her name is Angelyne and she is known for the billboards she had appeared on. Holly and Rocketman got this picture of her car. The girls in the shop didn't seem surprised to see her and she left to come back when it wasn't so busy.

The actual name of the witchy store is Panpipes Magikal Marketplace and in the apothecary part of the store, they sell oils called atars which you wear like perfume. They gave me a binder to determine what I wanted. They have atars to aid you in just about anything you could imagine. The photo above shows the ones I chose. They smell soooo good and made with 100% natural ingredients. When is the last time you could say that about a perfume? You can order through their website so you don't have to visit their store in Hollywood but it is entertaining to say the least.

Next stop was a visit to Koreatown. Holly had not been there before and we were surprised at how big it was.

CGV is the name of the movie theatres in Korea.

Shabu-Shabu is so yummy. We didn't really find anything there since it was so spread out. Next time I should do some research before we go but it looked a lot like Korea. They even had a Mr. Pizza but we didn't see the "Love for Woman" anywhere on the windows like you would find in Korea.
Time flew and it was time to come home.

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