Saturday, May 22, 2010

Suwon Exhibition

Monday was Nan's (my Korean chilbo teacher) exhibition and Hellena knew I wanted to go so she arranged for us the spend the afternoon with Su-Mi, my maedeup teacher and then we would go to the exhibition.

Everything worked out great and it turned out that the exhibition was just a few blocks from The Dormy which is where we had stayed in Suwon. We entered the building and immediately Hellena turned around and said to go. We did come a little early and she noticed that everyone brought gifts like pastries or flowers. So we walked a few blocks and found a bakery to purchase some pastries.

We came back and Nan was soooo excited that we were there. The wood guy was also there wearing his hat and the metal guy who had taken Rocketman and I out to lunch. He was also exhibiting his metalwork.

In the photo above, the Korean on my left is a Korean master of pottery and very famous. He was so nice and his English was great. He really wanted me to come to his studio in Seoul. I didn't get a chance this time but I really want to include that in my next visit. I would love to see him work his magic. We did exchange business cards.

The first thing they did when we arrived was give a few speeches and introduced all the participants in the exhibition.

I was surprised to hear my name mentioned in the introductions. I knew we would probably draw attention being the only foreigners there but I didn't want to detract from those that were exhibiting.

The pictures on the back wall are the work of the guy that had taken us out to lunch. Rocketman did not take any pictures of his work for some reason.

We had just eaten a huge meal at Su-Mi's but we had to find more room for some kimbap and rice cakes.

The wood guy came wearing that hat and I knew I had to give him a hard time like he had given me in class. I didn't need him to point out that I'm not as good as my teacher! It was finally time for pay back. A group gathered around us and I said to him in Korean "Give me your hat." He absolutely refused even though everyone was telling him to do it.

Finally, when the pottery master told him to give it to me, he reluctantly gave it to me. He really didn't have a choice then. So this is when I got the hat. I'm going get him something cool from over here to send to him. But that's what he gets for teasing me so much!

Then I was stuck wearing the blasted thing and looking ridiculous but foreigners can get away with that.

This display was made for Nan by the wood guy. Her chilbo looked amazing.

More of Nan's chilbo. She bought the maedeup that she used in her pieces.

Hellena having a closer look.
These were made by the master. It was a fun time but I had tears in my eyes when I left because I saying goodbye for now.

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