Thursday, May 20, 2010

Korean Chilbo - Last Class

When I lived in South Korea, my Chilbo classes consisted of my teacher speaking in Korean and me responding in English. It was perfect and we really understood each other. This time she used an online translation program and to say that it had me baffled is an understatement. I wished she just stuck to Korean because I did understand when I wasn't concentrating. It was a weird thing but it worked. This translation program had both of us confused at times.

As I was working on my final projects, the Korean guy that gave me grief on my chilbo skills called Nan, my chilbo teacher, wanting to show me his workroom and I was excited to see what his work area looked like.

The photo is of all of us. I am wearing the blasted hat that he would never take off. I wanted to keep it because of all the grief he gave me as a joke but he was having none of it. He would be sorry for that later.

It was only a few blocks away and Nan left another student to watch the shop while we were gone.

This is the inside of the workroom. There was also a gal that did fabric dying using only plants and flowers to create her colors. It was fun to watch her work.

This is part of his work. It you look really closely, well, let's just say that he liked incorporating a male appendage into his woodwork.

We sat and had bowls of tea and then it was back to work.

This is what I made.

Nan had this purse in the window of her shop and I had to take some pictures. She said her daughter did all the artwork.

She's as talented as her mom. I never got a chance to meet her but I hope to in future visits.

This was our last day in Suwon and it was hard to say goodbye to her. She was having an exhibition the following week and I knew we would be returning to Suwon to attend. Saturday morning we took a taxi to Seoul. We had so much luggage we had the hotel order an extra large taxi and it was huge.

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  1. I was doing a google image search for 붕어빵 once (goldfish bread) and ran across some rather startling male appendage items. Apparently it also comes in bread form. Among other things.


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