Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Chilbo Class - Day 1

My first day with my Chilbo (Korean enameling) teacher. I missed her soooo much! I got to spend three hours a day with her my first week in South Korea.

Nan liked to take pictures with my camera as well as her own.

Here I am working diligently.

Here are some things Nan had been working on.

This was a piece by one of her students. Her classes have grown since I left and she now has a bigger table in her tiny studio.

This was the beginning of my first lesson. I had to sprinkle white enamel over the plate and use a toothpick to draw a tree and a ladder.

Then use a damp paintbrush to remove enamel from certain areas.

Then I used lump enamel to fill in and it goes into the kiln.

This is what it looked like after firing. How cool is that! She was sooo cute. I walked to class but decided to take a taxi back to the hotel since it would only be about 3-4 dollars. She walked me out and across the street and hailed the taxi for me. She also told the driver where to take me in full ajumma demanding style.

I smiled all the way back to the hotel and couldn't wait for the next day to begin.


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