Monday, May 10, 2010

Maedeup Monday!

This is actually a chilbo and maedeup Monday. While taking chilbo classes in South Korea, I wanted to make Carol (of HGTV's The Carol Duvall Show) a chilbo sock monkey. It was amazing how easy it was to convey this to my chilbo teacher. I swear she understands English and I understand Korean.

This is the finished wall hanging including the maedeup. See how chilbo is such a perfect compliment to maedeup which was one of the reasons I wanted to learn chilbo.

Somehow using the information I gave her, Nan (my Korean chilbo teacher) found this picture which happened to be a pair of polymer clay sock monkeys that I made when I did my first ever Carol Duvall Show. It still amazes me what you can find on the Internet. Nan printed the picture out and I traced it onto a piece of prepared copper.

We made two so I would have one too. We made one using silver to outline the sock monkeys...

and also copper.

Problems with blogger photos again but this is the finished silver wall hanging. It turned out great. Nan even showed me a photo she found of Carol wearing a maedeup necklace I made her using one of Nan's chilbo pendants. The photo was taken at the 2010 CHA Winter Show and Carol was posing with a fan. I don't even know how Nan found it but she was THRILLED to see Carol wearing it. I was thrilled too!

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