Wednesday, May 26, 2010

South Korea - Part 4

One of the many things I love about Seoul is you can walk down a street and run into this.

They are quite a few palaces throughout Seoul and it's not unusual to see Koreans dressed in olden times especially during the weekends.

It's also a great photo op.

This was a sign near our hotel. I found it hilarious.

Food is always good in Seoul. This was kimchi jjigae and a little restaurant near our hotel.

Koreans LOVE poop. I'm not sure if that is what this sculpture is but it sure looks like the children's books on poop or the stuffed toys that look like poop that I've seen in Korea.

April was a beautiful time to go to Korea. The flowers were so beautiful. This was in the heart of Seoul.

I still don't like my fish looking at me.

We were ableto catch up with Hannah and Jeff.

And Jennifer.

We noticed this at a subway in Seoul. Two signs for the bathroom, one meter apart. Hmmm.

At dinner one night, I saw these Hello Kitty seat covers. I was dying to know if the car belonged to a Korean man. Rocketman wasn't interested in getting a pair for our car.

I had to get a quick shot of this couple on one of our subway rides. Isn't it precious? I love how he has her purse on his lap. I wonder if they woke up in time for their stop.

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