Monday, May 3, 2010

Vomit Alley

"Vomit Alley" is the street we affectionately named during our first weeks in South Korea back in the Summer of 2007. The street behind our hotel (The Dormy) is full of restaurants, bars and shops. At night, it really comes alive and the street is filled with people. We stayed here the first five weeks of our move to South Korea until our ocean shipment arrived.

Every morning I would walk this street to Suwon Station mainly to get out of the hotel room and also to discover more about this new land I was going to live in. I had to spend the walk looking down instead of up to make sure I didn't step into a vomit puddle of Soju, rice and kimchi. They all had a pink hue to them and looked identical. So that is how the street got it's name.

These pictures were taken in the afternoon during our most recent visit.

I also decided to finally take a video of "Vomit Alley" at night.

The guys you see in the first part of the video are looking to grab cute Korean girls and direct (force) them into their bars. I've seen it in person many times and it has happened to my Korean girlfriends. It's hard to watch especially if the guy is persistent and doesn't want to take no for an answer.
When I asked my girlfriend why she didn't get mad. She told me that one day they would not want her in their establishments because she would be too old and ugly. She found it to be a compliment.

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