Thursday, October 4, 2012

Asian Brush Painting - Class #3

This is what we learned this week in my Asian brush painting class.  My teacher makes it look sooo easy.
Then we got out the colors for the first time and my teacher was showing us how to make some beautiful leaves.
She also demoed sumac leaves and how they look in the Fall.  When she was demoing this, I accidentally forgot I wasn't in Korea and out of my mouth came an "ooooo" My teacher stopped painting and looked at me along with everyone else and smiled while there were chuckles from my fellow students.

I was mortified and quickly explained that it was very common to hear "oooo's" and "ahhh's" when taking classes in South Korea.  I had forgot that you don't do that here.  I wish we did and I'm sure I will do it again. I wasn't even thinking and out came out.  There is still so much Korean in me and I have my doubts that it will ever leave and to be honest with you, I rather like it.
                                                        These are my humble paintings. 

And now about Louie.  I try to make sure that he has food before I go to bed and he did last night.  Starting at 12 am and every 2-3 hours, Louie jumped, rubbed and purred into my face.  I knew he had food and would just pet him a little and fall back to sleep.  I woke up tired having slept very little and made my way to the kitchen to find his food bowl totally empty so he was hungry.  He looks so innocent in this picture from this morning.  He's sleeping right now.

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