Thursday, October 25, 2012

Asian Brush Painting - Class #6

                      Last week's class was all about grapes.  These were my teacher's samples.

                                                               Here are mine.
I never know when I see something that reminds me of my beloved South Korea.  Today it happened.  I was in a grocery store that I don't often shop at and I had just purchased some turkey from the deli. 

As I walked pass the sushi making guy (they seem to be in all my grocery stores), I noticed a South Korean flag pinned to his arm.  I stopped and noticed his name was Korean and stitched the Korean way with the last name first on his uniform.  I asked him if he was Korean and he sheepishly said that he was.

I went on to tell him that we had lived 3 years in South Korea and how much I miss and love Korea.  He was really taken aback and seemed stunned.  I asked him how long he had lived in the States and he replied, "10 years."  I asked him when the last time he had been back home and he said sadly, "2007."

I told him how much I missed Korea especially the food such as kimchi and how I missed all my Korean friends.  We continued talking for a few more minutes and he said that I was very unique to him.  He had not met an American who loved Korea so much.  I hope I made him feel more proud to be Korean and the next time someone asks if he is Korean, he will answer proudly, "Yes, I am!"

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