Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Our Son's First Home

Our son bought his first home this week and we spent Tuesday helping him move.  It's a beautiful home with wetlands behind it.  As we pulled up in the UHaul we saw tons of kids running around and having fun.
The home was owned by a retired couple who bought it in 2009 and put a lot of money into it.  Then this year the husband died and his wife decided to sell and move into a condo.  They had made so many improvements like new appliances, new roof and siding, water softner and new paint just to name a few.

                                                                           His backyard.
                                                                       The front entrance.
                                                                  Updated kitchen.
                                                     Living room in the upper level.
                                                                     Upstairs bathroom.
                                                  One of the two upper bedrooms.
                                                         It had a huge walk-in closet.
                                                 The family room in the lower level.
                                               There is also a bedroom on this level.
                                                     The lower bathroom with a jacuzzi.
The downstairs bedroom is HUGE!  Luke said that the space over the closets is where he is going to put his mounted record muskie.  I'm just so glad to see the muskie go.

Rocketman also took the day off.  As we approached Luke's apartment to start the move, we saw a pair of shoes outside the door.  He said that he always takes his shoes off and leaves them outside the apartment.  I never knew my son to be such a clean freak but that he is.

The best part of the day for me was a conversation I had with the widow and her daughter.  They told me that they hoped I would be very happy in the house.  I told them that I was Luke's mom.  They were shocked and said I didn't look that old.  I loved it, Luke, not so much.

He didn't have too much to move and it was all pretty light.  It was an amazing day to spend with our son and those days do not happen very often.

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