Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Asian Brush Painting - Class #4

My teacher surprised us this week with some Halloween Sumi paintings.  I love this pumpkin!
This was our first project, chrysanthemums. 
                                    The second was mice!  They were so cute and fun!
                                                         Here are my chrysanthemums. 
        And my mice.  I think they look more like Hershey kisses with tails but they were fun to make.
Yesterday was a stressful day.  The sprinkler guy came out to blow out the sprinklers.  No big deal, right?  He knocked on the door and told me he was here to blow out the sprinklers and I went back to the kitchen.  All of the sudden I hear water and thought, "Wow, that's really loud."  We weren't here for the last blowout so I let it go for a minute.

Then it sounded like it was coming from the basement.  I ran down the stairs only to be sprayed with water coming from a pipe in the ceiling.  It went everywhere!  I ran upstairs and outside yelling at the guy who had phone buds in his ears and heard nothing.  I finally got to him and told him what was going on.  He turned off the blower and came inside to see what had happened.  He said that a pipe must have blown and I needed a plumber to fix it.  Sean, our kitchen contractor was on his way to I thought I would discuss it with him.

He went out to figure if he could blow out the sprinklers another way.  He came back a few minutes later to said that he was able to finish the blowout.  I returned to the basement to clean up the mess.  The water had hit a bookcase where I had all sorts of things like old photo albums and games.  It was a disaster area. 

Sean came and talked to the sprinkler guy but not before looking at his equipment and saw that he was blowing it out at 110 PSI and he should not have gone over 100 PSI.  He talked to the kid and told him so.  The kid finished and left.

I emailed the company complaining and got an email immediately telling me they would look into it.  Then a phone call saying that their plumber would call and fix the pipe.  The plumber called but he was a real jerk and now I haven't heard back from him.  It may be time to contact the sprinkler company again.

The photo albums that were damaged were the kind that have the sticky backs so I had to remove all the photos I could.  Some were really easy and some were a total loss.  These albums were from the 70's and early 80's before I knew NOT to use this type of album.  So I have a bunch of photos to organize and some were pretty funny.  I'll scan them and post later.

I saw that today Donatelli's was having meatloaf as a lunch special and I was all over it.  It was delicious!!!

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