Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Flooring in the Kitchen!

Sean, our contractor, knowing how anxious we are about finishing the kitchen worked the weekend to start on the flooring.  We went with Alloc because of his recommendation and also the durability of it.  I have a habit of dropping things like cans.
                                                       This was the old 20+ year old flooring.
Louie was hiding upstairs most of Saturday and Sunday while Sean was here.  This is a shot of the new flooring.  I think even Louie likes it!  Sean got a lot done but still has a lot more to do and we are number two on his list.  He worked the weekend only because he knows how we just want this kitchen to be done.  He's one busy guy.

Saturday morning I was on the computer in the dining room with Louie on my lap when we both heard Sean's car door slam.  I lifted Louie up to put him down and he panicked.  Being a declawed and three-legged cat, he only has claws on one paw and wouldn't you know as I tried to put him down so that he wouldn't hurt himself, that claw came up and took a nasty swipe at my face.

He got me twice in the lip and once on the cheek.  I ran to the bathroom for Kleenex and answered the door a bloody mess. I explained quickly to Sean what had happend and went upstairs to get a damp cool towel.  It would not stop bleeding so I went back downstairs and put some ice in the towel and went back upstairs to lay down for a bit.  The bleeding finally subsided and I was glad.  I did not want to have to go to the hospital for stitches.

I haven't taken a picture of my face and won't because I really don't want to gross everyone out but let's just say that I'm laying low for awhile.  It's not a pretty sight.

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