Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween Crafting with Noah

Noah stayed overnight last weekend while Rocketman was in Asia and of course, he wanted to get out the polymer clay.  I was in a mini mood so I found some old bolts and used them as a base for some polymer clay ghosts.

                   Noah wanted to make a snowman and he made this all by himself.  We had a blast!
We met his mama and little brother, Ezra, at Donatelli's.  Rita even came out of the kitchen to give Ezra a squeeze.
They are having a pizza month with three very different kinds of pizza.  This is the Oktoberfest. This delicious pizza has a taste straight out of Germany. They take their thin 10” crust and layer it with slightly spicy horseradish mustard, thinly sliced Beer Brats, a handful of chopped white onions, sauerkraut and a mighty tasty smoked Gouda cheese.  I got it  without the onions and it was fantastic!!!

Rocketman landed yesterday from two and a half weeks in Asia.  As I was waiting for him near the International Exit, I spotted a Korean couple also waiting a few chairs down from mine.  Rocketman called as soon as he landed and I answered as I always answer him, "Yeobo sae yo."  I glanced up and the couple was leaning over staring at me.  It was so funny.

Then when Rocketman came through the doors, I greeted him Korean ajumma style with palms to his cheek with some more Korean.  I'm sure that Korean couple was wondering what was going on.

I had some trouble short term parking at the MSP.  They were flagging all the cars saying the lot was full and we would have to go to the other terminal which is the Humphrey terminal and far away.  The first set of guys I encountered I told them that my husband was landing in 15 minutes and coming from Japan and that he never is able to sleep on the plane and please oh please let me park in Short Term.

The first set waved me through and only me.  The second guy I can upon was NOT going to let me park so I gave him the whole spiel again.  By then I was really panicked and worried.  He finally let me through and I found a parking spot very close to the entrance and was very grateful.  I still don't know what is going on at the airport.

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