Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dollhouse World in Suwon 2014

Our trip to Korea had us based in Seoul with mostly day trips like to Suwon. Our first visit in Suwon was to Dollhouse World to have a lunch with sisters, Kim Hyo-Jung and Kim Jung-Mi. Kim Jung-Mi owns Dollhouse World and Kim Hyo-Jung owns the Dollhouse Coffee Shop which is next door. It was so wonderful to see them and it made me very homesick for Korea.
Jung-Mi had been very busy in the year since I had seen her. She is the most talented miniature artist I have ever met. Her attention to detail is unbelievable. Here are photos of a party supply store in miniature.
                    That is Rocketman's finger so you can get an idea of just how tiny everything was.

                                                          Inside was this shrinking room.

                  She also makes the most amazing miniature purses and I love this handbag store.

After lunch, she shocked me by presenting me with this miniature Korean fish shop. She said she had made it the night before.  
The details are unbelievable.

This was never placed into a suitcase. Rocketman and I carried it through Incheon Airport, then having to run to board our connection in Detroit and finally Minneapolis. It went through a lot of security and made it through with flying colors.

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