Friday, October 17, 2014

Hanji Museum - Jeonju, South Korea

The hanji museum is located in a paper factory. This is the outside of the building. The hanji museum is on the second floor.

The museum is broken into two parts: old hanji and modern hanji. I started taking pictures only to be told I could only take pictures in the modern section but I did get a few photos.

Onto the modern hanji and where I was able to take pictures at will. I love hanji lamps and definitely want to make one someday.


                  You can also make your own hanji paper so Hannah and I decided to do just that.

                                       Getting most of the moisture out of the paper.

                                         This was a heating unit that dried the paper quickly.
                                      The paper was totally dry and the last step was stamping.
                                                               A couple of hanji friends.
The hanji museum store. The hanji was very reasonably priced and I bought quite a few things. It was much cheaper than I had seen in Insadong.
We also came across these students on a field trip. There were so cute and very well behaved.
 Then we went back to the downtown to find a restaurant recommended by the taxi driver. We never found that restaurant and finally Hannah asked a businessman where to go. He directed us to this place which I found out served dog stew which we didn't get but it still really, really freaked me out that I was sitting in a restaurant that served it.
The food was pretty good but I was preoccupied with the other dish they served. We took the bus back to Seoul. I was so glad that we visited Jeonju.
                                                    Here are the things I bought at the gift shop.

                                                           I bought this one for my Dad.

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