Sunday, October 26, 2014

Insadong Buddhist Temple

I had never seen or visited a Buddhist temple until we moved to Korea and found them everywhere. Since then, they have always drawn me like a moth to the flame. I find them so beautiful and also intriguing especially not knowing anything about Buddhism at the time. There is a temple just west of Insadong in Seoul that is especially favorite of mine so during our vacation we stopped by for some photo taking. 
There are also shops in on the same street as the temple which sell all sorts of Buddhist related items.
                                                              I love the flowers.
                                                    This is at the entrance of the temple.
I could look at all the paintings all day long. They are so beautiful. I love the bright colors.
Then you look up and see all sorts of lanterns. Last time we visited, we saw a lot of lotus flowers. This time it was fish.

                                                I spend most of my time looking up.
                  It was close to Chuseok so the temple was especially busy with worshippers.

But my eyes are constantly looking up.

Rocketman took the following photos.

                                                           I miss these trucks a lot.
                                                    A shop for all things Buddhist.
There is also a shop inside the temple and I always like to pick up bracelets for myself and for gifts. They also do not take a lot of space in your suitcase.

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