Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hanji Shop 2014 - 1st Visit

After our lunch with the sisters of Dollhouse World, we took a taxi to Paldalmun for a quick visit with my hanji teacher and my hanji friend, Shim. I almost didn't recognize the place because she's converted about a third of the shop in a women's clothes shop. I took some pictures of her new pieces of hanji. This one with all the flags was amazing.

A picture with my dear friends and then we had to go. We would be returning later in the week but we needed to get back to Seoul for a dinner with Hannah.
She sent us back with gifts. This hanji jewelry box that was made by my hanji teacher.  
                                                                   The inside of the box.
This was made by my hanji friend, Lim. The details are unbelievable. I brought presents for both because I know they do this for me each time I visit.  Luckily, we had a huge bag to bring these things back with us to Seoul.
                                                             The inside of the box.
Some hanji shoes too. By the time we returned to Seoul, I wasn't feeling very well but we stopped to eat so Hannah and Rocketman could eat. I kept thinking we should get going, we still had a subway ride and quite a walk ahead of us but I stayed quiet. As we rode the subway back to the hotel after dinner, I saw the skies were getting pretty dark and by the time we were at Seoul Station, it was not only nighttime but it was pouring.
Luckily, I had brought umbrellas after looking at the forecast of rain for that evening. As we walked  to the hotel in the pouring rain, Rocketman became lost. We stopped several times and the hanji bag he was carrying was getting wetter and wetter until the sides broke. We carried on with me really upset that we were lost. I had thought he knew the way to go but with it being so dark, he became confused.
He finally figured out the right way and as we made our way to our hotel, I saw the bottom of the bag giving way. I grabbed it and hugged the sides and bottom while my umbrella dangled under my arm to try and keep it upright. All I cared about was the hanji not getting too wet.
By the time we got to the hotel, we were both soaked through and through. Most of the hanji stayed pretty dry since she had wrapped it in bubble wrap but what a miserable time it was. You may wonder why we just didn't grab a taxi. After living in Korea for three years, I knew through experience that would be almost impossible to get a taxi when it rains especially when it is pouring.

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