Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Insadong and the Discovery of a New Hanji Shop

Insadong is one of my favorite parts of Seoul because of all the crafty goodness to behold. The crowds can be crazy especially on the weekend so we usually visit during the week if it works out. This is one of the many hanji and brush painting supply shops. Can you believe how large some of those brushes are?
                 I was inside this shop picking out hanji paper when Rocketman took this picture.
I had heard about this hanji shop from the gal at Hanji Happenings and I knew I had to check it out next time we were in Insadong. It is on the second floor of a building, right across the street from a Starbucks on the main street of Insadong. They had a beautiful selection of paper and the owner knew quite a bit of English which always makes it easier.
             He had a large selection of everything for hanji and brush painting. I did a lot of shopping.
Insadong is also a great place to people watch. Rocketman got a quick photo of this little fashionista.
And this ajossshi fashionista.
              This is the hanji I purchased in Jeonju. I had not shared this with my Jeonju post.
I bought all this paper at the Insadong hanji shop.
I also bought this paper at another hanji shop in Insadong. This shop is not on the main road.
I also bought some hanji varnish. I've had trouble with American varnish and streaking. I was so happy that it made it home in my suitcase.
                            I also bought this stand to hang my brushes that I use with sumi-e.

I also bought some Korean ink to use in my sumi-e. My chilbo teacher, Nan-Young picked up a set of Korean brushes also for me to use in my sumi-e. I love that I will be using Korean brushes. Maybe it will help me to paint better.

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