Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Korean Food and City Hall

I will never, ever, ever eat bok-eo. Rocketman has eaten it several times and wasn't impressed with the taste of it. Just to think you could end up on a vent or die from consuming not properly prepared bok-eo is why I will never eat it. Plus it's ridiculously expensive in Korea, really.
         But I would never say "no" to a tabletop full of Korean banchan (side dishes). Oh yeah!
Kimchi - I can't stop eating it and always ask for more. I can ask for it in perfect Korean and no matter what Korean restaurant I'm at, the wait staff never seems understands me.

                                           Samgyeopsal cooking over hot coals. Delicious!
I've always wanted one of these but Rocketman won't even consider it. We would need a larger home to put it in which might may have something to do with his decision. Also, his feelings that we have too much stuff as it is.
                                       We found a group practicing, probably for Chuseok.

One, two, three, four. Reminds me of my freshman year of high school when I was in the marching band.
                                           Our hotel wasn't too far from City Hall.
                    We found these yellow ribbons draped across the rope across from City Hall.

                                            The side of the City Hall building in Seoul.

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