Friday, October 31, 2014

You are Here Cafe

I've been big fan of Eat Your Kimchi since I first heard about their videos about Korea. The husband and wife duo, Simon and Martina, moved to Korea in 2008 a year after we did and started making videos for their families back home in Canada. They quickly become so popular that Simon and Martina quit their teaching jobs and now run their "Eat Your Kimchi" enterprise full time along with a small staff.

They opened a coffee shop earlier this year and it was a place I wanted to visit during our recent visit. The name of the coffee shop is "You are Here" and it's off the beaten path but they have great directions on their site.
                  When we visited it had only been opened for a month and it was pretty crowded.
                                                The decorating was pretty cute.
But the line was long and it moved incredible slowly.
                                        The lower level was pretty crowded with lots of foreigners.

The second level was not too crowded so I sat and waited for Rocketman. It was about a 15 wait for him to place our order and then it was another 15 minutes to get our coffees. I think they were still getting the kinks out and that is why the wait was so long. I didn't mind waiting but Rocketman got pretty impatient.
I also left with a souvenir. I was glad we went but with the abundance of coffee shops in Seoul, I don't foresee returning. But it was fun to see it in person. It would have been really cool if we had been there when Simon and Martina were in which they do often I've heard.

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