Thursday, January 28, 2010

Busy Day at CHA

The first full day of CHA was jam packed with activities for me. We got a good nights sleep and ate breakfast at a local "Denny's." The first thing I had to do at the show was set up my display at the "Designer Showcase." It ran from 12-5 and was open only to editors, manufacturers and publishers.

The next stop for me was a book signing at the F + W booth. I met some really interesting people. One lady who was Asian asked me if she looked Korean. I gave her my honest opinion and told her no. She said, "Good, because people keep asking me if I'm Korean when in fact, I am Chinese." I also had someone question whether I did indeed ever live in South Korea and to prove it she wanted me to speak in Korean. I said a little Korean which apparently satisfied her.

I also demoed a few of the maedeup knots in between signings.

I also brought my dojong (Korean name stamp) and after I signed each book, I stamped it with my name in Korean.

It had been a long time since I've met with people at a show and it brought back memories of all those craft shows I did years ago. I loved hearing what people had to say about maedeup.

The second book signing was at R & M West Coast Enterprise. I showed up five minutes early and was surprised to find a line waiting for me. I also wore maedeup which is a great way of advertising.
From 5-7 I returned to the Designer Showcase and greeted manufacturers, editors and publishers. I had a lot of great feedback and inquiries on my showcase. We will see what develops from these contacts.
Rocketman showed up promptly at 7 which happened to be when the Minnesota Vikings were in overtime. He had his dad calling to keep him updated. We packed up my showcase and returned to our room. Dinner was with my friend Linda and her husband. We went to Chili's but had trouble finding it. We decided to stop at a 7-11 to ask. There was a homeless man sitting outside against the building and that's where Linda's husband went to ask for directions. The man gave us great directions and received a tip from Linda's husband in return.
More tomorrow!

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