Monday, January 11, 2010

I was in a Cult?

I wanted to take yoga when I lived in South Korea and my Korean girlfriend found a yoga place not too far from my apartment. It was called Dahn Yoga and it's discipline was based on brain movement or basically a whole lotta shaking along with with killer yoga moves. My class lasted 1 1/2 every day. It is nothing like U.S. yoga and sometimes I had to limp the entire one mile walk home.

This is a picture of Grace, one of my yoga teachers with myself. Dahn Yoga also has locations here in the States and recently was sued by former members. Here is the article. There is also a CNN report on Dahn Yoga found here. I was shocked to read and hear the allegations. I had been attending Dahn Yoga in Korea for over a year and never had any problems. I paid 90,000 won ($90US) a month and paid in three month installments. Occasionally they pressed for me to take special training which occurred over a weekend and was 300,000 won ($300US). I never attended since it would be entirely in Korean and besides I wasn't THAT into yoga.

Classes would be a little different every day so we weren't doing exactly the same thing. But every day we spent 20-30 minutes lying on our backs with our feet and hands up in the air shaking. It was an incredible workout. I was never healthier than when I lived in South Korea. I think it was the food I was eating (rich in vegetables and no red meat) and Dahn Yoga. It's been hard for me to keep up this lifestyle since we returned to the States.

My instructors even gave me additional massages to help my soreness. Most of the people in my class were in their 70's and I tried to keep up with them but failed miserably. I will be watching this story to see how it plays out.

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