Friday, January 8, 2010

Mr. Choi

I have a lot of amusing stories of Mr. Choi on my Korean blog. I met him at my yoga class. He was the only one in the entire place that could speak English. What was most amazing to me was that until he had met me, he hadn't spoken English in 50 years. His English was excellent! He had spent time in the U.S. being trained by our army during his military service. He couldn't believe how advanced we were compared to South Korea at the time which was 1970.

This picture he had taken of us the first week we met. After yoga we went out to lunch at a dumpling restaurant. He had the waitress take a picture so he could prove to his friends that he really did know an American. Here is one of the funny stories I have with Choi.

I received this from Choi for a Christmas present. He knows how much I love Korean culture and I loved this business card holder. He loves American jazz which I know nothing about but I've sent him some CDs. I recently sent him a Michael Buble and he really like it.

I had his cell phone with me and if I ever had a problem, he was happy to help me. I wish I had him here sometimes. We will be visiting South Korea in a few months and I'm sure I'll be hanging out with him and his lovely wife. She is one fantastic cook!

In case you wanted to know his age, he just went to his 50th high school reunion and yes, he really wanted to be my boyfriend!

Speaking of Korean men, I discovered another singer I love, Lee Ji Hoon. Poor Rocketman, next business trip to Korea will have him hunting for Lee Ji Hoon CDs. This is my favorite song at the moment:

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