Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Every tine! Love For You!

This is sung by one of the stars of "Boys Over Flowers," Lee Min Ho. It was the hottest Korean drama at the time we left South Korea last April. It had two original soundtrack CDs and a third by the F4 guys from the show. Lee Min Ho was my favorite with his permed hair and cute smile. I didn't know he could sing and he sings a song called "My Everything."

But in Korea there isn't a "th" sound so he sings a "t". Every time I play it, I smile and Rocketman who has heard it countless times loves it when I say to him, "You're my every tine, love for you" just like in the song.

I remember when I was getting tutored in Korean. I lasted a month and it was grueling. My teacher would get frustrated with my Korean pronounciation so I know it would be hard to go from Korean to English. Hangul (Korean language) doesn't have an "f" so coffee is coppee.

This song right now reminds me of my Rocketman as he goes under the knife again under the diligent (being sarcastic) knife of Dr. NBM (no bedside manner). I'm sure I won't see the doctor before this surgery either because when he was having his detached retina surgery I was surprised that they were going to operate without the doctor talking to me beforehand for a little reassurance. I told the nurse I wanted to see the doctor before he lifted a scapel to Rocketman and Dr. NBM was none to pleased to have to come out and talk to me beforehand. He does seem to have a hard time hiding his true feelings.


This is another song called "Sometimes" from the F4 album which shows highlights from "Boys Over Flowers."

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  1. Did you hear about the Indonesian tribe that decided to adopt hangul for their writing system? I thought that was fascinating.


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