Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cheap Trick!

Growing up as a teenager in the 70's in Rockford, Illnois you had to know about Cheap Trick. Hometown boys making it big!

The drummer of Cheap Trick, Bun E. Carlos (Brad Carlson) came from a large family and they went to my church. He came to church once that I remember and I did get an autograph while acting like a giddy fan. I spent my teen years at church, friends with two of his siblings.

His mom, Vi, was a riot and a real character. She even called him Bun. When I got married in 1980, it was Vi who we wanted to play the piano at our wedding. I was over at her house deciding what music to play when Bun E. walked in. He came over and I was introduced and his mom pointed to a stack of pictures and albums for him to autograph. He just signed and left the room. I'll never forget it. She also played and sang "Dream Police" for me while they were still recording it.

I also knew Rick Nielson's dad. He was a big supporter of The Salvation Army which was my church. He owned a music store and when my trombone would get dinged up (yes, I played trombone in The Salvation Army Band), I would bring it over to his store and he would fix it for free. I still have that trombone.

Here are some of my favorite Cheap Trick songs:

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  1. I love Cheap Trick! I went to a free concert they were giving at a park in Florida in the 90s. They put on a good show.


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