Monday, January 18, 2010

Crafting with Noah

There is nothing better than crafting with my grandson, Noah. He will be four in April and it looks like he has inherited his love of crafting from his grandma. He also has a very talented poppa who loves to work in ceramics.

He was staying overnight at our house so we had plenty of time to create. First, he wanted to make his mama a necklace so I he went through my extensive bead stash and designed this necklace. I was really impressed with how picky he was with the beads he used. We used a beading tray to lay out the beads before he strung them.

He really wanted to paint and I don't have much in the way of paints in my craft room but he managed to find my stash of "Scribbles." I really didn't want to use them since they are for decorating clothing and if he would get any into his clothing, it would be there forever. But how can grandma say no when looking at a face like that. I decided to have him decorate washers with the "Scribble" paints.

He was very careful and picky about the colors he used.

We decided to take a toothpick to the paint to glam it up a little bit.

This is Noah working his magic with a toothpick. It was amazing how beautiful it looked.

He was so careful as he worked.

He ended up making three pendants: one for mama, one for papa and one for himself. Even Rocketman was impressed with how they turned out. It took most of the day to dry so we left them at my house for now.


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