Sunday, January 3, 2010

Messy Crafting

This was my kitchen table in December. Thankfully, Rocketman was in Asia on a business trip so he didn't see this. I have a huge craft table to work on but it is in the basement and in Minnesota that can be a cold endeavor even with a space heater. I'm not showing a picture of that table because it was covered with stuff too. Winters in South Korea were 20-30 degrees warmer than Minnesota and my blood just hasn't adjusted yet I guess. I was in the middle of preparing for my two television appearances so dinners were on the fly and since I was only feeding myself, I ate in the family room when I did eat.

I have been professionally crafting for twenty years now and I still don't understand how my 6 foot table only allows me to a work area of about 6 inches. This happens every time my creative juices go into overdrive. It's a mystery.

Right now, Rocketman is finishing up on my new craft room and I've been moving my supplies from the basement to the first floor. I couldn't believe the stuff I have. Rocketman reminded me that when we moved back home from South Korea that 100 of the 150 boxes were marked "crafts." I don't remember that or I may have blocked it out in my defense. The next step is to move it up another floor but first tables and shelves have to be moved in.

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