Thursday, January 7, 2010

Long Time, No See!

This picture is of Rocketman right after surgery. He had to keep his face down until we left the surgical center. He's been a trooper. We went in the following day for a post-surgical appointment with Dr. NBM(no beside manner). First a technician wanted him to read the eye chart which he responded something like, "what eye chart." That progressed to a huge letter "E" put in front of that eye which he also couldn't see. She tried holding up fingers, nada. Finally, she just waved her arm up and down. Yes, he could see something moving up and down. This is a normal response to the surgery but we didn't find that out until later in the exam and I was a little freaked. As the doctor came into the room Rocketman said, "Long time, no see." That got a laugh out of all of us because it has been since June 2009 that he has been able to see out of his right eye. If I had thought much more on it I would have cried.

A wonderful surprise was that Dr. NBM was kind and compassionate. He told us that his vision should settle down in the next month but it will take 5-6 months to gauge his final outcome. I wonder if Dr. NBM had read my blog.

This is a pile of Rocketman's books. He manages to read five or so simultaneously. It's a good reflection of his personality. His books seem to end up on the floor by our bed or in the family room. He's not sure how it happens either. I piled them up to take this picture but I'm sure they will be scattered on the floor by tonight.

I can only handle reading one book at a time and I keep the books that I haven't read yet in my night stand or on the shelf in my closet. I love books! I love the feel of holding a good book and the smell. I'll never be a "Kindle girl". I'm presently reading "Hotel On The Corner of Bitter and Sweet." It's really good and one that I picked up at Target. I can't seem to leave Target without picking up a book. My guilty pleasures are romance novels. I love them. I can just loose myself in the characters and be swept away.


  1. I do hope his recover goes well!!!

  2. I hope his recovery goes smoothly. i have had a vitrectomy, it wasn't as bad as the scleral buckle for recovery. The worst part is not being able to see until the vitreous humor comes back. As it comes back, it does so gradually and he'll be able to see through the small balls of it. It bounces around in the eye as well and can be very annoying (like a bubble). It's very hard to describe. I ended up wearing a pirate patch over that eye so I could ignore it.

    Sadly, after any eye surgery, it's very hard to read or do any close-up work. It sounds like he will miss this part the most.

    I wish you both the best!


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