Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Chilbo (Korean Enameling) Class

Last week I had two chilbo classes, on Wednesday and on Friday.  While I was working on this (and I think I'm getting better)...
Nan-Young was painting on hanji shoes.  She did it so fast and I was distracted a lot.  I  couldn't take my eyes off of her paintbrush.
I had a pair of hanji shoes at home that my hanji teacher had given me and so I brought them to class to see in Nan-Young could work her magic on them.

She even painted on the inside of mine.  A Taiwanese couple came in with their teenage daughter and they were speaking English.  They wanted to a pair of the hanji shoes but they wanted some painting on the inside like mine even though they had not seen mine.  I saw Nan-Young struggling so I stepped in to help and I showed the couple my newly painted hanji shoes.

That was exactly what they wanted and I told them that she could paint them in a few minutes.  They wanted them so I told Nan-Young and she laughed and began to paint.  The family was so happy with the results.  I'm thinking she will be painting all the hanji shoes that she has.
It's always a special time when this little cutie patottie shows up with her mama.  Her mom is also a chilbo student and helps Nan-Young out from time to time.  She used to be afraid of me but we have hung out together a few times and now we are fast friends.

Four weeks from today we will be returning to the U.S.  I knew we would have to return but I never thought the year would just fly by.  I'm afraid that's what is going to happen with the rest of this month.

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  1. Beautiful painting! That would be neat to watch.


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