Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Shopping with My Hanji Teacher

We had a grand time today in Seoul.  My hanji teacher and her daughter, Hannah, met me at my apartment building and we took my 7770 bus into Seoul.  I guided them all the way to my Satin Guy and I think they were impressed.
They recognized me but were surprised that I should up with Koreans.  So they had a lot of questions about me and now they know everything.  Hannah was getting a little bored and I don't blame her especially if satin or fabric isn't your thing.  I told her I could stay there forever and just look at all the satin they have.  I also took them to my chasu place because my teacher wanted some chasu.  She was good about getting business cards.

We then took a taxi to a little shop that only sold hinges but they were the most beautiful hinges I had every seen.  I would have taken a picture but they seemed nervous and it was such a tiny place.  They were pretty busy too.
We took a taxi to Sindangdong which is famous for ddeokbokki and we ate at a very famous ddeokbokki restaurant.
                                                      It was huge and it was packed.
We ordered ddeokbokki with noodles.  This is what it looked like when they first brought it out.
                   There were a couple of tables filled with kids who were really enjoying their lunch.

                                                                Starting to boil.
                You ate it on a small metal dish which reminded me of a lid to a pot.  It was delicious!
Lots of famous people have eaten here.  I wanted to take more pictures but we happened to leave with all the kids.  A lot of the kids wanted to say hi to me.
                                               This is the outside of the restaurant.

The street is called ddeokbokki street.  I definitely have to bring Rocketman here.  He would love it too.  It was a great day and I got to show my Korean friends one of my favorite places in all the world.

I also took a little video of the place:

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