Saturday, January 28, 2012

Moving Day!

Rocketman had a going away dinner Thursday night with all his co-workers.  He came home not too late (around 11pm) and with these wonderful gifts.  This picture is of what I would call Buddha's sidekick.   I forgot his name and what it symbolizes.  I will have to ask my Korean girlfriends and then write it down.  His co-workers are sad to see him go and like ourselves, surprised at how quickly the year passed.
             They also gave us this beautiful tea service.  I was really touched at their generousity.
Moving day, Friday morning, came way too quickly.  This is the luggage we are taking on the plane.  The movers showed up shortly before 9 am and got to work quickly.  I offered something to drink while they were busy packing our things and we also gave them money for their lunch.  Jennifer, from the relocation agency, was supposed to come with Jeff but Jeff is really sick so another co-worker came.
The furniture was supposed to be picked up the same day as our move but things didn't turn out that way.  We're not sure what is going on where that is concerned but our relocation agency is working it out with Rocketman's company who owns the furniture. 

Jennifer taking an important call.  The boxes went out the window and straight into an ocean container.  The movers had to pay 100,000 ($90 USD) just to use the elevator although they didn't use the elevator that much.  We were surprised to hear that.  But it is a common practice here in Korea.
The relocation agency loaded up all our luggage and off we went to Seoul to our hotel.  We are staying in Seoul for a few days to do some sightseeing but I have a feeling Rocketman will be working some of those days.

Jennifer, Rocketman and I met Hannah at Seoul Station for dinner.  We ate at the food court and this is what Rocketman chose.

                                                     This is Jennifer's dinner.
I chose kimchi jjigae but I didn't like the kimchi.  It was really huge pieces.  I like it when they cut it into small bitesize pieces.
Jennifer was taking the KTX train to Daegu for her father's 60th birthday party.  It used to be a huge celebration when people rarely lived that long but now it's just a little party.  We were all very tired from the day.

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