Friday, January 13, 2012

Chilling at EMart and Dinner with Friends

My miniature class was canceled last minute due to my teacher's father-in-law being hospitalized and in intensive care.  So I found myself with a free morning so I went to EMart to kill some time while the cleaning lady was at our apartment.  I found all this cool clay in of all areas, the automotive section.  These are decorations for your dashboard.  I'm pretty sure things like these are illegal back in the States.

Everyone leaves their phone number somewhere on their dash in case they park their car and it needs to be moved.  You just have to call them up.  This decoration has room for your cellphone number.

                 As you can see, they had a wide assortment of car decorations to choose from.
The clay was all air-dry and really lightweight.  I'm a sucker for anything in clay.  I was at EMart to try and find rubber bands (binders if you live in Minnesota).  I had looked all over Home Plus to no avail so I thought I would give it a try at EMart.  I looked all over the home office and school supplies section and was about to give up when I walked down the party supply aisle and there they were in party supply.  Who would have thought.
Then I grabbed a bite at Burger King and saw this sign.  First, what the heck is a Justin Caser.  I've never heard of it.  Second,  a thief.  I was told that ajummas used to take toilet paper and that's why you couldn't find any in the subways (that has changed now).  But this sign was in English not Korean.  I really didn't understand it at all.
                        This is what I came home with.  This is for the grandkids when they visit us.
I also picked up this car set for under $15.00.  I love the police car and airport limousine.  This is for the grandkids too when they are at our house.
 I also got Rocketman a Matiz.  It's the smallest car I have ever seen here in Korea but it sure is nice for parking.

Jeff and Jennifer came down from Seoul to walk some resellers through our apartment to get quotes for the furniture.  Rocketman's company wants all the furniture sold.  We went out to a local Korean BBQ for dinner.  This was Rocketman's noodles which came after the BBQ.  I was stuffed from eating too much kimchi.
                                             Here they are, Jennifer and Jeff.
They are also coming down to handle our moving day just like last time.  Then they are taking us to our hotel in Seoul where we'll spend a few days before flying home.  I can't believe we have less than three weeks left here in Korea.

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