Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chilbo (Korean Enameling) Class

Chilbo class has been real interesting this week.  I had class on Tuesday and Wednesday.  When I arrived on Tuesday I found Nan-Young painting kits, one after another.  So I worked on my chilbo projects as she painted.  Today I finished them and you can see them above.

Nan-Young hadn't been eating lunch because of working everyday at the Palace so I told her I would make her lunch and bring it.  I was going to make shrimp alfredo but I forgot and left the shrimp out all night so I thought they would be bad.  I went for something easy and I cooked a chicken breast and added it to some Rice a Roni I had brought from the States.  She added the rest you see above.  Kimchi and Rice a Roni, not bad.
Metal Guy also stopped by to drop off some things for both of us.  Nan-Young had these made for cellphone charms.
She loved the backs.  The one on the left says Nan Young's Goban (Shop) and right one is just her name.

A funny thing happened while I was there on Tuesday.  I decided to stop my work and video Nan-Young painting a kite.  All of the sudden a bunch of Korean officials came in and to my surprise there was the city official who I have met many times and who also speaks good English.  He was so happy to see me.  He seems to always have an entourage around him.

We talked for quite awhile and then he took the brush from Nan-Young and began to paint a kite.  He told me how much he loved ABBA and especially the song "Dancing Queen."  He said he loved to go to noribang after a little soju and sing it.  He even sang a few bars for me without the soju.

 Then another guy wanted to paint.  They call him noodlehead because of his curly hair.  I told him I would love to have his curly locks.
 I thought to myself would I ever see one of my government officials doing something like this.  I didn't think so and it made me sad.  These guys were really enjoying themselves.
My Bodyguard was also with them and everytime he sees me, he opens his arms wide waiting for a hug. It's so cute.

He even had to paint a few kites.  He is the artistic one and does amazing wood carvings.  It was one of the best days I've had in a long time.

I shot some video of the painting:

First was Nan-Young and you can hear at the end that the entourage had arrived: Then it was Noodlehead guy: Then we had two painting at once: Then it was my Bodyguard's turn:

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